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We are converging our customers’ needs and bleeding edge technology into experiences that simply can't be matched by traditional financial services. Whether it's cross border payments, accessing and transacting digital assets, FX, or borrowing and lending, Stablecorp's mission is to provide you with the comprehensive set of solutions that keeps you in control and "friction free".

Bank-grade digital asset development and management portal

The Forge is an all-in-one development suite for building and managing digital assets securely and scalably with three core functionalities available today:

Consumers and enterprises can use The Forge to build and manage digital assets across a wide range of layers integrating ‘The Forge’ based assets into existing traditional financial services (eg. payments and remittances), new blockchain agnostic crypto applications (eg. decentralized finance), and other unique customer-specific implementations.

The Forge suite of products can build and manage multi-chain digital assets that are fully compatible with most global cryptocurrency wallets and infrastructure. Using the ‘mint-and-burn’ functionality of The Forge, digital assets can be tailored to mirror real-world asset backing with near-instant provisioning of digital assets onto multiple blockchain protocols including Ethereum, Algorand and Stellar. The Forge tracks the full life cycle of each digital asset that it ‘mints’ or ‘burns’ and extends the same highly secure and compliant smart contract level functionality for each ecosystem-driven use case.

To enact real-world ecosystem-driven solutions, we focus on novel partnerships between traditional financial institutions like Wildeboer and blockchain native companies like ourselves and Balance Custody to build digital assets that can leverage complete on-chain traceability and immutability, near-instant speeds, and low-cost transaction fees.

To date, the Forge has been used to build Stablecorp’s QCAD stablecoin, as well as the VCAD digital deposit receipt with Versabank.

See an example of QCAD in action
Scale your treasury with Grapes

Settle payments almost instantly and scale your business. Grapes is your gateway to the new world of dollar digital currency, offering unparalleled transaction speed, global interconnectivity and transparency in fiat and digital assets and transparency into your transaction flows.

Easily on ramp to digital currencies compliantly
Bridge from traditional money to digital currencies seamlessly via any payment method. Grapes offers a secure, no or low fee method of purchasing QCAD, USDC and other digital currencies with the Canadian dollar.

Instant and at a fraction of the cost
No more waiting to finalize a transaction and withdraw cash. Grapes makes the concept of settlement times obsolete with payments that can circle the globe and land in your account faster than an email. Stop waiting weeks and paying 7% fees to send money globally. Grapes leverages on-chain FX providers to convert currencies at a cost of basis points – not percentages.

Grapes Connect introduces a frictionless and unified KYB/KYC compliant onboarding process so enterprises and users can access leading service providers across the Stablecorp digital asset ecosystem. Through Grapes Connect, individuals and businesses can easily onboard with multiple service providers simultaneously to unlock expanded levels of functionality on the Grapes platform like international fiat payouts and payins, crypto to crypto exchange, borrow and lend analytics, and insured custody. While Grapes serves as the one-stop “control panel”, these services are enabled in your own name, meaning you are in complete control of all transactions.

Unified User Credentials
Grapes Connect allows you to seamlessly access multiple partner services without repetitive and time consuming onboarding processes allowing you to onboard once, and quickly access a broad spectrum of leading digital asset tools.

Connect with Grapes and start sending payments with digital assets

Seamless Access To the Digital World

Exchanging currencies is expensive by the time fees and added costs are totaled.  With Grapes we offer our customers $0.00 fees for on ramping USDC to VCAD. This will make transferring money to friends and family and Canada and the US, easier, faster an more secure. Merchants looking for treasury management solutions including;

  • Foreign exchange to USDC
  • Payments both domestically and into the United States
  • Small and medium business funding through lending partners
  • Yield generation on treasury assets


The Grapes platform has KYC requirements for every customer and is not an exchange, miner or custodian. It is simply a means for customers to quickly exchange dollars for VCAD at almost zero fees.


Through Grapes, our customers can easily and quickly get in and out of the world of digital currency.  From you grapes wallet, you can access the most popular and robust exchanges to do more with your money.  Whether buying digital currencies, transferring money or exchanging funds into a foreign currency, get it done quickly.


Rather than a stablecoin being ‘tethered’ or ‘backed’ to a fiat currency or bank deposit, why not create a stablecoin that is an actual bank deposit; a digital representation of a bank deposit? We partnered with VersaBank to do just that; create a token, VCAD, that differs from the traditional stablecoin model in that it is a digital representation of a deposit at an A-rated Canadian Schedule I Bank. Schedule I banks are fully audited, well capitalized, and highly regulated by one of the world’s most respected financial regulators.  In other words you can be confident that your 1 VCAD will always be worth 1 Canadian dollar.


Since VCAD is issued a Canadian Schedule I Chartered Bank, it is fully audited and highly regulated by OSFI one of the world's most respected financial regulators with strict capital requirements. This is very different from the current model where stablecoin-issuing companies provide regular third-party attestations that fiat-backed stablecoins are fully collateralized by a reserve. As a Schedule I Chartered Bank, VersaBank must publish public financial statements .... link to website


The VCAD issuance process is securely managed via Versabank subsidiary DRT Cyber Inc.'s VersaVault technology. VersaVault is a world leading digital bank vault designed to secure digital assets through tamper-evident FIPS 140-2 certified hardware and security-first software. It is the solution the digital asset world has been waiting for; impenetrable world class security created by a Canadian chartered bank in one of the world's most trusted financial markets.Blockchain security. Bank integrity.

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